Advanced Innovation's


Eye simulation technology with high precision object recognition & tracking


Virtual Guard™

..accurate & efficient security & surveillance system


Running complex computer vision algorithms and processing 120 frames per second combined with a high perfomamce GPU & motion triggered video capture, Vision™ is close to the human eye, & AI is working harder to decrease the semantic gap.

Vision™ includes Object Tracking, Image Processing and Object Recognition induced with Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks for learning.

Vision™ is the backbone of AI video analytics and image processing.



AI Traffic™ System

AI Traffic™ Controller is a traffic control system that allows millions of Zimbabwean motorists to enjoy the benefits of better, smarter traffic flow. With its intelligent synchronisation capability, AI Traffic™ guarantees decreased stoppage times,more green times and reduced pollution rates.

Facial Recognition

Vision's facial recognition software is comprised of highly complex computer vision algorithms that makes use of the OpenCV computer vision library from Intel and runs on an Artix 7 FPGA for faster image and video processing.


Vision™ includes complex object tracking and survaillence algorithms that monitor vehicle speeds and direction of flow. The direction of flow is achieved by utilizing the Lucas Kanade Optical flow analysis. With this technology, Vision™ is able to percieve the direction of flow and velocity

Virtual Guard™

Virtual Guard™ utilises Vision™ for image processing to secure your organisation. Virtual Guard increases security whilst reducing business security costs. Only one mainstream camera is needed to cover a hundred metre R.O.I (Region of Interest) and the camera is configurable.